Hello, I'm Sam.

Panamuga Press is the amalgamation of my identities and misplaced memories:

Samantha Yuen, currently Design Research Lead at GDS, GovTech Singapore.

Sammy Panamuga, player of cinematic sets and member of SYNDICATE.

duzkiez (once six27), train traveler, food explorer, dreamer of parallel worlds.

devoid, conqueror of social anxiety and agoraphobia, misfit vs. #AsianToughLove.

If the lines between office and home can be blurred, then I no longer want to hide my personal personas. This A+ researcher comes with reservoirs of pain, but pain begets grit, drive for mastery, and foresight. We're the same person and I stand tall before you.

How do we remember? Is the brain a jar that holds our memories? Then when we die, does the jar break? Are our memories spilled on the ground and lost?

Or is the brain a map that leads down twisted paths and into hidden corners? Then when we die, the map is lost but perhaps some explorer could wander through that strange landscape and find out the hiding places of our misplaced memories.
— Han Qing-Jao, Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card